Inspected Companies

NASDU Inspected Companies are Companies who deal with the supply of Security Dog Services within the security industry and have been inspected against BS 8517 by the NASDU Inspectorate and who have associated themselves with NASDU by way of inspection and a written undertaking to abide by the guidance and recommendations within the Code of Practice BS 8517.

Whilst NASDU can confirm Membership status it is the responsibility of the end user to confirm BS compliance on an individual basis in all other aspects.

Further information and guidance on BS compliance can be obtained by contacting NASDU Head Office.

Hallmark Security Ltd
Widnes – 0151 257 9996

Northampton – 01933 315 729

OMNI Security Services Ltd
0800 917 8971

Shreeve Protection Services Ltd
Kent/London – 0203 599 8155

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