Open Statement on Concerns/Complaints

NASDU is a not for profit Membership Association run by its Members for the benefit of both its Members and the wider private security industry dog sector.

NASDU is responsible for the development of standards and training within the UK’s private security dog sector and is acknowledged by the SIA (Security Industry Authority), the Home Office, BSI (British Standards Institute) and the industry’s Sector Skills Body SFS (Skills for Security).

Over the past few years NASDU has been involved with the development of National Occupational Standards (NOS), the first academic qualifications for Security Dog Handlers based on original NASDU training programmes and the first British Standard for Security Dog Handling (BS 8517 Part 1 and Part 2) for which the NASDU Code of Practice was used as it basis.

NASDU Associate Membership is available to any Company or individual that provides contract guarding and/or operational deployment of security dogs and whilst they are not inspected they have made a written commitment to abide by all relevant Codes of Practice together with the recommendations and guidance contained in BS 8517-1:2009 for General Purpose Dogs and BS 8517-2:2010 for Detection Dogs.  Associate Companies who feel that the above does not differentiate enough between those that just meet the standard and those that exceed the standard can consider the Inspected Company route.

NASDU like any Association or Trade Body has no legal powers of enforcement other than expulsion and subject to the content of any concern/complaint (received in writing) this shall be considered for which we may request further information from you.

NASDU does not and will not get involved with internet forums or social media networks.

NASDU cannot and will not get involved in commercial disputes between individuals and/or Companies but recommends the following actions which are extracted from NASDU’s Complaints/Grievance Procedures contained within it’s Quality Assurance Manual regarding:


“Animal Welfare Issues

Any complaint or concern regarding the treatment, the use or the health and welfare of a dog should immediately be reported to the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

NASDU will then request a copy of the RSPCA’s Inspectors Report and take any appropriate action.

SIA Licensing

Any complaint or concern relating to the employment of security staff not having a licence or not having the correct sector licence should be reported to the SIA on 0800 555 111 (Crime Stoppers) or on line at

NASDU will then check an individual’s status on the SIA database and take any appropriate action.

Criminal Offences

Any complaint or concern you may have regarding a possible criminal offence should be reported to your local Police or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

NASDU following any conviction shall then take the appropriate action.

Civil Offences

You are advised to take legal advice from either your Solicitor or from the Citizens Advice Bureau on any civil matters.

NASDU following any conviction shall then take the appropriate action.

Business Ethics

Any complaint or concern you may have regarding the business ethics of a Company should be reported to Trading Standards on 08454 040506 or

NASDU will contact Trading Standards regarding any unauthorised use of its logo and will advise them on specific issues regarding the use of security dogs but is not permitted to get involved in any individual case which must be done by the complainant.

NASDU following any conviction shall then take the appropriate action.”

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